Bulk SMS Marketing

Explore Digitika advanced bulk SMS platform that converts targets to customers fast and effectively at low costs.
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Bulk SMS solution for every business/organization


Enterprise Grade Platform

Our bulk SMS system scales with your send volume. Be assured of a smooth SMS sending experience.


Our pricing is very simple. you pay for what you use. no monthly subrcriptions

Global Scale

Reach your audience just anywhere.

Short Codes

Send and receive high SMS volume quickly, this ensures high throughput and performance, deliverability is also improved. Using a dedicated short code does promote brand identity.

Sender ID Registration

Register your sender ID with your preffered telecom operators through us to ensure that your audience receives properly branded SMS updates from you. Different telecom operators have different requirements.

Sectors Using Our Bulk SMS Service

Retail and Ecommerce

Onpremise and online stores use our bulk SMS service to update their target customer base about their products/services,new arrivals and promotions hence increasing sales

Marketing and Advertising

Bulk SMS is the cheapest yet most effective mode of mass marketing, marketing and advertising agencies utilize our service to reach and engage with their targets fast and save on their budgets.

Education and Health Care

SMS is the most convenient method of mass communication, schools and hospitals use our service for internal communications and to pass information to their stakeholders and community.

Media and Customer Service

High impact campaigns and real time communication with your targets at ease. Customer service is optimized by running loyalty programs collecting feedback, instant support and others.

Religious and Community Service Organizations.

We power community and group communication through a powerful two way SMS system to enable organizations run optimized campaigns and reach-outs fast.

Software and Logistics

Software developers and logistics companies intergrate our SMS service to their Web and mobile systems to enable sending of notifications and reminders to their users in real time.





Stay in touch with your audience

Communicate with your audience instantly in bulk via branded text messages. Custom-tailored to meet your organization’s needs. The pricing is fair, and the system is 100% reliable and convenient.